Radiohead – Lotus Flower

This is the brand new Radiohead tune.

The first track of their upcoming release KingofLimbs.

What’s your upcoming released called?

Like In Rainbows, Radiohead is going to let people pay to download the mp3s instead of having to go to a record store or use amazon. This way the band gets pretty much all the cash. Genius really.

I think that’s why Thom Yorke is dancing so happily in the video.

Wouldn’t you be dancing happy if your upcoming release was going to make you tons of dough while your overhead is pretty low?

And singing falsetto, unable to contain yrself?

This is my favorite Radiohead song in quite a while.

New album comes out Saturday

Foo Fighters – White Limo

This is the Foo Fighters’ new video “White Limo”.

The Foos have been playing a lot of secret shows in and around LA. They even did one in Santa Barbara.

One way people knew they were playing at the club was this white limo would show up.

Judging from this track the reports that this is a heavier record than the rest seems true.

I miss MTV. MTV would have more facts than this.

Since MTV hates music now perhaps the busblog should celebrate music videos whenever possible.

Especially since Gregg designed this beautiful treatment for videos.

ok, done.

i love you but i need a vacation

near a tv that doesnt work any more

luckily for me i have a good friend in from out of town who needs a place to crash

and it looks like rain, which is perfect cuz he can replace the buckets where the leaks drop.

where am i going? vegas. who am i going with? nunyabusiness.

will i be taking hella pictures? but of course.

do i use any of those electronics in the photo? no. and both vcrs eat tapes.

am i a failure in life? pretty much, yep.

heres what ive learned from video games: everything ends in failure and death.

is that anyway to talk before a long trip on wet roads?

ive always loved you.