death in vegas

i havent eaten much.

thats about all i am at liberty to discuss in detail.

things are going to stay here.

some amazingly dark things’ll stay here.

not the least including two times when i could have died or at least become seriously injured.

the entire time i was laughing.

one may say i laughed at death.

those are some of things that you probably should never talk about again.

even in a blog where nothing is true.

even in a world where when you die you go to heaven.

whose to say that this isnt paradise: the weather? the traffic? we could be in a place that doesnt have those things. truth is we barely even visit those places and then when we do we complain about this or that or the other.

would we complain in real paradise? would we laugh at life?

all i know is theres flashes of paradise in our worlds a lot.

little miracles of beauty,

some of which we deserve.

like whats the ratio of pants to no pants in your world right now

and how are you dealing with it?

how will you deal with it later?

dont laugh at death from fear

laugh to welcome the party