all i wanna do is be nice

but no one wants that.

they want the edge. they want the darkness. and they know i can deliver.

they hope i have something up my sleeve.

they hope i have a nice tv and a scythe,in las vegas

they see the monkey and wonder if it can weild a sword,

they see the rope and hope it comes with a divine hammer.

every time.

but i just want to love.

i want to warm the red carpet with my light.

i want to clear a path with a laugh.

but this candle is flickering from the barely open window.

and then so quickly, extinguished


and then out.

like seacrest.

these sorts of things once upon a time would have discouraged me.

i would have been heartbroken and gloomy. i would have done something reckless and stupid.

i may have even temporarily given up on what brought me to that moment.

i might have even discounted the beautiful dance i took part in as i was fighting for my life.

but one of the nice things about being as old as dirt

is knowing that any minute


can change all over again

so keep yr seatbelts fastened till this ride comes to a complete stop.