two paths young grasshoppa

for the next four weeks (maybe five) i have been given the opportunity to be completely debauchurous or totally saintly.

its a little dare from the universe. and you know i love dares.

over the years my inbox has become bloated from weird little offers from fans of the busblog to do this or try that or fiddle with the other. usually i blush, flattered, and turn them down. which isnt to say i havent poked my toe into that tub to see what the temperature was, but even if it was fantastic, deep down im just a catholic lad from the midwest.
but now might be the time to dive in for a lil bit.

or i could go the way of the zen monk and shave my head (check), take off my shoes (check), and purify my soul (um).
believe it or not but i did some of that ground work this past weekend in the desert. the heavy lifting, as it was. and now i feel stronger than ever and im filled with a confidence that i havent had since i was hitting all pistons back in LAist.

friends, for quite a while i thought that my mojo had been stolen and either because of age or bad luck or voodoo i wasnt ever gonna get it back. i was a rudderless dingy out in the open seas. i was going to die the way of a coward and loser and phony baloney.

but out in the distance i saw what appeared to be a light coming from a lighthouse. and as i made my way closer to shore i was able to land my crystal ship and see what there was to see. and there were two paths the easy and the difficult.

the latter could bring death. the former could bring a chicken exit.

you’ll never guess which i chose or what went down but im telling you im stronger than ever so it probably had nothing to do with being chicken.

like in most things in life a tradeoff happened. and although i am sad for the price i had to pay, in the long run erryone is probably better off. plus i got to prove to myself and others that i really still have all the chutzpah, moxie, and soul i sometimes pretend i have.

and now that i write all of this down im starting to think the quiet spiritual cleanse might be exactly what would fit me right now, because the punk rock of last week may have been enough.

all i know is tonite i get to go to the gym and eat magic sushi with karisa afterwards. a reunion of sorts cuz i dont think ive seen your pal karisa in an entire month, if thats possible.

cue x’s see how we are

blue swan

a little window of Something opened and allowed me to see into the future.

there i saw ali.

el scorpio.

who drinks whiskey out of the bottle

and who blows minds for a living.

sometimes the Good Lord looks directly at you and when you look away says come on man.

if we’re lucky ali’s what He sees when we look back.