yep it only gets better in LA

great temperatures for Los Angeles

life isnt fair. older i get the more i realize this sad truth.

for example, my poor mom is sending me pictures from her tv about how chicago will have negative temperatures which will turn even colder once the wind kicks in.

its not fair that the good people of the midwest have to deal with that stuff.

but whats worse is we have the most beautiful meteorologists.  Jackie Johnson being the most lovely of them all.

LA does not need Ms. Johnson, Chicago does. Or New York – or anywhere that has actual weather all the time.

we have “weather” a few times a year and everyones all omg omg. but the poor rest of the nation gets it all the time.

and when they receive the sad news that their winter is going to be so rough, wouldnt it be nice to have it delivered from a sweet voice like JJ?

dont get me wrong, im grateful for everything that we get out here, just sometimes i feel undeserving.