i promise you this will make you weep

(video password:seanhatzkatz)

if you want to know why i muscle through all the ups and downs of working where i do, this video should make things crystal clear – its the people.

im used to working around both evil- and angelic geniuses, but theres no evil here. just extremely hard working humans with so much heart its gonna get all over you even if you have walls up 1000 feet high.

this morning our boss went into his last meeting, said good bye to everyone, shook hands with people, and when i hugged him everyone said hey why cant we get hugs? and then hugged everyone.

then someone said hey sean did you see the video we made for you? and i was not at all interested in making this a sad thing so i said, its on the blog we made for you, go watch it at home.

and one of the angels said, no no lets see it now. and sean kneeled down to armand’s lap top, we turned up the volume, and theres now not a dry eye in the house.

the love and loss are all over this place right now.

we’re in good hands with our new boss, but this place will seriously not be the same without the old one.

adios sean.