my boss just announced that he’s moving on

Sean Gallagher using a cart to move to England

When I say the Times is never boring, it’s because of people like my boss. Sean invited me into his office yesterday to tell me that he’s moving to London in a few weeks to learn more about coding.

Sean was Meredith’s right hand man when she ran the show here. She had three right hand men when I was brought on. One who was a veteran newspaper man, one who was also a veteran journalist who also looked after the books and operations, and one that specialized in the technical stuff. Sean was the tech dude.

When she moved on to run Sean was the obvious choice to take over. Always entertaining, incredibly smart, and capable of storing so many tasks in his head, it’s safe to say that everyone will miss him dearly and notice when he is no longer here.

If there is one person responsible for my quick weight loss its my (soon to be ex) boss who challenged my new years resolution to lose 15 pounds by the end of the year. “You could stand to lose 20”, Sean said. And then marched over to the woman in charge of Trib’s health section and demanded that i blog every day, writing about what i ate, and telling everyone how much i exercised.  I seriously doubt I’d be as trim so fast as I am now.

We could all hope to have even the sliver of the energy that Sean has. He will be missed.

I smile when I think of how England will embrace him.