1. Thursday, February 10, 2011

    rockstars have more tvs than that in their bathroom 

    solomon whalen and welch singing

    My mom says she doesn’t like the new busblog design. she blames it on being a virgo and resistance to change.

    i could eat peas all day.

    im very sad at what pechanga casino has done with Boston’s More than a Feeling

    i wish i was a smoker sometimes.

    i cant believe this week sped by so quick.

    i cant believe i actually have some say over how my body acts and performs

    i wish i had more time to play video games and watch breaking bad

    im procrastinating right now because im afraid of the honesty i will unleash in this report

    theres gonna be a major announcement up in this piece tomorrow around this time

    arcade fire is gonna play a secret show here in LA and at noon tomorrow they’ll say where you can buy ticket

    i really wanna go, cuz they put on the second best show that i saw last year.

    i wanna go to more shows this year, the smaller the better.

    i dont miss sxsw but i bet you i will mid march.

    i miss pizza ice cream m&ms french fries and you.

    which sadly rhymes with nothing in here is true.