this makes me so happy

a book

xTx has been a “friend” since before most of you kids have been alive.

funny thing though, we have never actually physically met.

in some ways that makes things better because, whereas some want to love you for your image, or your fancy clothes, or fast cars, its not like that for me and my beach city amiga.

i know that xTx loves me for my mind. and the words that come out of that crazy place.

and likewise, it has been pure joy watching her rise from the bowels of AOL poetry message boards and take the blogosphere by storm.

and heres a book. a little tiny book you can hold in your hand. and inside? all xTx – will it be dirty? probs. will it be nsfw? hopefully. will it be fantastic: guaranteed.

somehow the book sold out even before it went on sale. that sort of mystery intrigues me. i hope shes making a second printing cuz it was such a nice feeling to have this waiting for me next to my bills bills bills.

congrats xTx, i will run home and enjoy this as i soak in my tub.