today is still jeanines birthday

jeanine in maui

one reason i will always love jeanine is because she helped me stay in isla vista an extra year.

because she was a year younger than me i graduated and she still had a year left.  i loved her and isla vista so i got a job selling tvs at sears in santa barbara.

i was their number one salesman quickly because i had done it in junior college in la but something happened and i found myself being fired.

i was all, dude you cant fire me for that. plus im going to maui in a week. i should sue you for firing me for going to maui.

and he did the most interesting thing. he said tony you are so much bigger than selling tvs at sears.  get out of here.

so jeanine and i went to maui, snorkled in molikini, drove the road to hana, and woke up early to take this picture on top of a volcano as the sun rose.

its probably my favorite picture of her.

at the playpen in isla vista

next to this one with aj

jeanine in camo pants

or this one from gregs art show

jeanine and i have a loving magical connection that will never die.

she made me food the other day to supplement my cookie diet.

chicken and fish from jeanine

we hugged and kissed like five times as i said good bye. such a sweet girl.

she shot some .357 magnums today for her birthday.

and now a very tall man is in her apartment giving her a private massage.

id say shes having a happy birthday :)