not really feeling it today

smashing pumpkins

might have to take a day off from the busblog.

wish i could take a month off of everything.

wish i could just move this thing over here and that thing over there.

wish i could rewind some stuff and fast forward some others.

which i could move some stuff to the trash and some other junk to the locked folder.

and sure as hell wish i could burn some things to dvd

and then throw it into the deep blue sea.

While you were sleeping: Danielle overdosed

with something in her mouth

From her blog Keeping it Real

Well well well
I am sad to say this
but it is true
I took too many pills between saturday and sunday
and overdosed.
I was in the hospital all day yesterday
I had thankfully gotten it all out of my system
seeing as I was vomiting violently for 12 hours
but my biff is a doc so she insisted I get lab work etc..
then of course everyone asks, well did you mean to do it?
Were you trying to kill yourself?

read the rest, you may be surprised

mr mark milian stuck his head in his old stomping grounds

at the los angeles times

and all the ladies said hey.

they were so happy he hadnt changed his bieber hair.

at the la times

if you recall, mr milian first came to us as a college student from the university of terripan station.

he excelled so well at writing, interviewing, and mastering social media we kept him on as he finished school.

then we hired him full time once he got that degree and he rocked mightilly for a year until he was poached from CNN where he now writes about Tech.

hes a good dude (even though hes dead to me) and he works extremely hard and if i was gonna poach someone from the times he would easily be on my short list because hes wise, fast, and in tune to the future.

while he posed with the ladies i emailed our security who let the air out of the tires of his rentacar.

so alls good in the hood.

tony answers yr questions of victory and intrigue

timmay!!!!! : i gave up hope for lent … what’d you give up?

more than im willing to admit publicly at this point.

world i was gonna ask you (sorry i don’t already know the answer to this) if you had to pick only one author to read for the rest of your life…. you can only pick ONE whom would it be?

im sure most people would pick mark twain but im partial to charles bukowski, especially in this scenario because buk was a great novelist, poet, letter writer, and short story writer.

i realize theyre teaching “Hollywood” and “Women” in schools now, but I wish they’d spend more time on his poetry. Collections like “You Get So Alone Sometimes It Makes Sense” and “Septuagenarian Stew” would delight young minds, I’m sure.

jimh: Hi Tony, I have successfully avoided it so far,do you think my life would be better if I joined the world on facebook?

Funny thing about Facebook. It will get you laid, but it will also cause you strife in your relationships. I’ve seen people get in fights over profile pictures, how much and whose page someone commented on, and so many other trivial weirdnesses.

It does help me remember peoples birthdays though.

5chw4r7z The Reds and Cards both have pitching injuries and the season hasn’t even started. An opening for the Cubs to sneak into the race?

The Cubs are doomed this year. Strictly a rebuilding year. Starling Castro and Marlon Byrd will shine, but the rotation is iffy and our $10 million first baseman didnt even hit .200 last year.

We’re going all the way.

Alyson Which Canadian House of Commons party should I vote for based on their leader’s name?
Bloc Québécois – Gilles Duceppe
New Democratic Party – Jack Layton (he’s got a moustache!)
The Conservative Party – Stephen Harper
The Liberal Party – Michael Ignatieff

Matt Good.

meg: What is your advice for VCU when they play Butler in a tournament that many people thought they didn’t deserve to be in?

None of us deserve anything. What have we done? We were born from huffing and puffing and after we die we’ll turn to dust. Why so serious indeed. Thus while we walk the crust we should get ours no matter what it is, but especially if it has to do with collegiate athletics where the young men and women play for free and everyone else gets paid mo money mo money.

Both VCU and Butler are underdogs and someones going to the big dance.

May as well be you.

i remember when you could get a few gallons of gas from the change in your ashtray

good thing my car has an ashtray the size of texas.

in other news our political blogger Andy Malcolm is on a two week vacation

so i am covering him on the Top of the Ticket blog at the Los Angeles Times

so you can read my stuff there if you like politics

its always a thrill and an honor writing there because it was one of our first huge blogs, and now its one of the nation’s best for politics (hope i dont eff it up).

also in any spare time i have i continue to blog over at our hot topic blog called Chatter.

so if youve noticed a decline in busblog posts its because of that and because the juiciest stories in my life are being embargoed until i am allowed to divulge them.

lets just say it follows the same old theme: tony is crazy -> stuff happens -> tony feels victimized -> magic happens that is unbelievable -> taxes must be paid