i was minding my own business, thinking about reading all weekend

it was saturday afternoon. i had just been stood up by a ucsb sorority girl who said she wanted to hike with me.

but it was cool, i had a hangover from the previous night at the gay bar anyway whose festivities hadnt ended till 430am.

then my text machine spit out some ticker tape from a young lady at the beach who was all omg its 75 degrees out here. come out!

on manhattan beach

i was like, yeah but whats in it for me?

she was all well maybe for the first time this year your life wouldnt be all boring.

and the girl had a point. i was fading into the gaping maw of death without even the slightest fight.

but when would i ever get to play NBA2K11???

but it sure was pretty

we noticed a lot of apartments and condos for rent right by the beach. crazy prices. i thought real estate was flat?

this one was a 2BD for $2400.

in a studio apartment that has a murphy bed

or for just $1,450 a month you could have a studio apt a half block from the beach with a murphy bed

in manhattan beach - two bedrooms, two fireplaces

but this beach front condo pretty much convinced us that we shouldnt actually buy a house anywhere we should just rent it

for sixty grand a year.

in manhattan beach

never mind that you could just live in a normal place and drive yr car the two blocks to said beach and park for $2 an hour whenever you wanted.

secretly karisa hates me which is why she tried to make me drink a glass of wheat grass juice

wood chip trail

i was all, id rather do Anything that drink this juice and she said Anything?

she said even take a run on a wood chip trail that starts off in a scary heroin tunnel?

i said thats exactly what i was hoping youd say

in manhattan beach

my shaky iphone pics dont do it justice but the wood chip trail is called the Veterans Parkway

it was built over where cable car tracks used to run from downtown to the beach

but the tracks were pulled up so as to encourage people to start buying cars back in the day.

once you start playing Wonder How Much That House Costs you can never stop.

afterwards we went to her pad to do some P90x and play with the kitty

afterwards we went back to her pad to do some P90x, watch the Charlie Sheen livestream, and play with the kitty

i was so hungry i was all, imma eat that cat if something doesnt turn into a steak or some sushi pronto.

a cab took us to Sasha which Foursquare swore was filthy with cougars, but all i could see were attendees for the Shortest Dress Convention

at Sasha sushi in mannhattan beach

the meal ended with a parade of tiramisus and smiley faces all around.

on manhattan beach el porto neighborhood

thanks for the awesome idea karisa!

your girl casie stewart showed off poutine and so much more

but the thing im glad she revealed was the amazing ability of canadian women in the winter and how they will dress as if its not zero degrees.

they will wear skirts, they will wear heels, they will completely ignore the conditions and not even complain

its something i didnt believe i was seeing two new years’ ago when my entire body froze as i ran from the hotel across the street to the 7-11

and yet these babes were acting as if it wasnt no thing.


lede of the day

in journalism your first paragraph is called your lede.

your lede is supposed to both summarize the root of your piece and hook the reader in an interesting way.

theres a little bit of an art to it, and top notch journalists often take pride in their ledes.

its spelled that way because in the olden days of typography “leading” referred to the the amount of space there would be between the letters to make the copy easier to read and/or fit in the newspaper column better.

this is why when you wanted to talk about how the letters were spaced you’d say “yo whats up with that leading” but if you wanted to say “omg the Guardian just busted with the sweetest lede on their feature on Werner Herzog” youd spell it that way.

omg the guardian just totally busted and made me feel like my life was a total waste cuz no one’ll ever say any of this about me:

Perhaps it is because the German film-maker Werner Herzog has, over the years, during working hours, been shot at, hauled a steamboat over a mountain, threatened to kill his leading man, thrown himself on a cactus, informed the Greek military that he would kill anyone who got in the way of his filming, been caught in the middle of a South American border war, taken a film crew to the lip of a volcano, and once, on camera, ate his shoe, he has a reputation for, let’s say, reckless eccentricity.

one of these days i’ll let my hair down.