for Chuck Norris’ birthday someone interviewed Bree!

as you may recall, i worked with Bree way back when.

because of Chuck Norris she has never aged, and if anything, has only blossomed into the delightful flower that we see today.

truth is she was a knockout even when Buzznet was just a start up with a handful of hardworking folk.

i am always happy when the good people of the world are recognized for their passions, creativities, and hard works.

what i like about Bree other than her fashion sense is she goes out to the rock shows, takes pictures, then writes about it.  anyone can do that, true, but so few do.

plus i like that she is into music that i wouldnt normally take seriously. then those bands explode and i think, damn bree was talking about these fools years ago.

i <3 people who can see into the future, its very rare. its rare for people to even know whats going on today, nevermind tomorrow.

read her interview here on Buzznet Media

motorhead plays tonight

and i dont think imma go. why? cuz im an old man. old as the hills. ancient as the dust that blows around the bones of the past.

im so old i got on the scale this morning and was shocked that my weight loss was still working well. 156.5 pounds. lowest ive been in weeks.

when i got off the cookie diet i balloned back to the mid 160s and thats what you get for gorging and drinking and you know enjoying the delights of in n out, pizza, and Chimay.

but then i got my act back together and worked out with karisa and ran at the gym and biked at the gym and took it easy on the chocolate and butter and fats.

its not that hard really. although i must say the cookies helped. yes i use them to quelle my appetite. theyre no longer the main part of my diet, but i may say theyre the most important part of my weight loss because instead of having a milky way dark mmmmmmm candy bar i will have a spongey diet cookie and it will take care of the sugar desire and pause my silliness for a good 45 mins or so.

i also take it easy on the fried things, the breads, the salts.

yesterday however the cuban forced me to split a glazed donut with her. it was asking for it so i dont mind so much.

do you know i love you? even though theres less of me my love isnt minimized.

thought youd like to know.

raspberry sundae asks ‘who did you fall asleep thinking about last night?’

and friends

Are the pretty girls in San Diego almost enough to make up for the Padres betrayal?

Want to come drink away a Sunday afternoon with me again?

lets answer questions one and three first.

last night i fell asleep thinking about my true love, and thought about how she was falling asleep probably thinking of another and who knows who he was thinking about. i fell asleep thinking about how that aspect of human nature mirrors human centipede in more ways than id like to think about.

the answer to question three is of course.

which brings us san diego. canker sore of california.

there are a handful of people who id do anything for. danielle k bezerkley is one of them.

similarly there are few things i enjoy more than taking photos. danielle loves posing. and yet i hate san diego so much i have gone down to visit and take photos of danielle a total of three times in the six years she has lived down there.

sure its pretty and quaint and theres a lot of good there.

but theres a psychic evil that keeps me away. and no way could i ever spend the night there.

id never wake up.

couple of summers ago karisa was there with her brother his wife and their daughter – all solid people super fun to hang with and they were staying in this awesome pad. we drank, there was talk of taking in the cubs game the next day. but after i sobered up, i got in my car in the wee hours and drove home.

something pushes me away from there. mysteriously. forcefully.

san diego used to serve a purpose for me. it’s where id piss on my way to mexico.

but i dont go to mexico any more.

and i doubt i’ll be back in san diego for another few years.

you’d probably find me sooner in bc than sd.