i got 99 problems but Beach ain’t one

lol u mad

the mighty ucsb gauchos have a super star forward named Orlando Johnson. the kids like to call him OJ.

ucsb beaing long beach state

the gauchos had a rocky regular season and going into the tournament they had to beat 3 teams they had lost to twice to win the Big West.

and just like every other super hero you know from santa barbara, this team starring OJ pulled it out.

next stop, the Big Dance.

bring your tortillas, Gaucho Joe.

do i wish i was in austin right now

of course.
its where i belong.
its where i should be.

one thing id be curious about is would i change my mind about the iPad.

currently i see no use for it in my life. i have a perfectly good phone. and a fine laptop.

you know what apple needs to make for me. a robot.

how long have we been waiting for robots?

not the ones that build cars and fly around football stadiums with cameras.

i need a robot to cook and clean for me.

thats all.

then ill go back to sxsw.

photo by kk+