say hi to Kurdt

courtney lovein a new book about to come out by former village voice writer Neil Strauss comes this claim that Courtney Love once offered to snort the remains of Kurt Cobain with the journalist.

“She walks to a dresser, pulls open a drawer, and removes a square-shaped tin. She removes the lid, revealing a plastic bag full of white ashes. A faint smell of jasmine emanates from the tin.

“LOVE: Too bad you don’t do coke. Otherwise I’d suggest taking a metal straw to it.

“STRAUSS: Yeah, I don’t think that would be the right thing to do.

“LOVE: I’d like to though.

this makes me sad on several levels

and i really hope its not true.

runway models are just like us

not entirely comfortable that this is a commercial for red bull

but i guess its a more interesting commercial than half the crap we normally are subjected to.

and at least it reinforces that strange truth that some dudes will wear the dumbest clothes to get close to super skinny girls.

the irony of it happening in a grocery store where none of the famished buy any food is just a bonus

and wouldnt you know it, your girl casie stewart was there and has this report

ron artest keeps it real on ticket prices and mustard

people who think they keep it real need to check out Ron Artest who has so much more to lose than every day people

and yet he lets his freak flag fly in a way that you dont know if hes being serious or totally outrageous

take this video interview by Lakers Blogger Mark Medina as an example

Ron Ron is asked about a recent GQ article that ranks US sports fans and listed Laker fans as the worst.

the all star forward says the style magazine cant recognize style – or mustard.

so classic.

Joey Maloney at SXSW and in the paper

Joey Maloney has been one of my favorite photographers of rock since even before he joined LAist.

i’d see his beautiful LA rock scene pix on Flickr back in the day and i was all i wonder if hed shoot pics for us for free

yeah right.

but then one day i got the courage to ask and he was crazy enough to say yes and it was a match made in heaven

so imagine my surprise when this morning i see his work at my favorite rock festival

on the pages of my local paper.

at sxsw

this is something i sure could get used to!

Great job Joey!!