adios february

in vegas

february was a wild month for this little piggy.

went to vegas and almost died. ended up winning almost as much as charlie sheen. then almost died again. good news is, rebirth is hot.

my boss up and quit. was that a win? more like a push. hes happier, thats all that matters.

went to san diego and acted a little crazy at the end of the month.

and it all started when gregg and i blew up the busblog at the beginning of the month and started fresh.

what will march, the Pisces, have in store for your hero?

probably a lot less excitement, a lot less fun. perhaps way more spirituality. a cleaner house.

a softer soul.

less pushing, more accepting.

prepare for this blog to be the thing that suffers.

one bright glint of hope: the truest returns on the 24th.