death to the phoney balonies

my favorite magazine Black Webmaster wants to interview me for some weird thing theyre up to and ive had enough.

interviews should be 5 questions long. and they should start at the one thing that is most controversial and most revealing.

like: who did you sleep with last night.

or who did you fall asleep thinking about last night.

or if you could kiss or kill one person today for the survival of the human race who would it be and which would you do?

no one asks me those questions any more.

back in the day they sure as hell did. back before the internet was taxed and the phoney baloneys took it all over with their spam and viagra and lameassness.

ask me real questions. get into my soul. help me help you. just quit being who you think you have to be so you can live one more day.

heres a little insight: we are not going to live one more day. we are going to die.

today is the day we get to live, so live it.

today is the day we can make that change man in the mirror so change it.

today is the day we get to discover who the person on the other end of the french kiss is so seek it.

what do i love? i love finding out whats on the other side of that window.

i love finding out how wrong i am about people.

i love figuring out if we all are united and if we are divided, does that make for a better tartan pattern to God.

at a hundred and blah blah years old i want to find out the things that even im afraid to ask.

and then i want to know why im afraid in the first place when nothing has proven itself to be all that scary.

start with the real questions and you will enter a real conversation

yes there may not be a spectacular conclusion where you figure out how to fix the world,

but the exercise, the dance, will amaze and delight your readers in exactly the way that they were hoping for.

and you will stop being part of the garbage polluting the intergalactic conversation.

i fell asleep with a star.