do you know i miss you

dinosaurs at the tar pits

i do.

in fact i miss all dinosaurs. all extinct species.

especially wholly and regular mammoths.

but do you know who i miss the most? sabertooth tigers.

and do do birds.

sometimes i think i have two hearts cuz i miss things alot and love things more.

yesterday i dont know how i did it cuz i was so busy but i was able to get this big photo essay blog post up on Unleashed about how this art museum was trying to build an underground parking garage and bam they realized that they had discovered all these fossils and a mammoth

and sabertooth tiger kittens.

all stuck in the tar of the La Brea Tar Pits.

do you ever feel like youre stuck in a tar pit?

this morning after drinking all night with karisa i sure felt that way.

try to have a nice friday america.

you too japan.