fine, i’ll have kids

had a followup with the doc yesterday.

xbi wasnt 100% sure that i was 100% myself after vegas and the cookie diet and a few other things that will be redacted so why even bother.

one day you may want kids, the doc said.

i was all, i live in the present and presently why would i want anything that weighs me down?

he was all, you have a car payment now, that doesnt weigh you down?

i was all i could sell that car right now for what i paid for it. im free. lets keep it that way.

hes a great doc and i pay real money out of my pocket to go to him. and he fixes me and hes trust worthy.

but i know he works for them

and they want me to settle down because if i do i will climb back into the safety of chopper one and be their boy.

my mom yesterday was nagging me about buying girl scout cookies from my niece. i was all ma im watching my figure, she said you should think about your niece. then karisa chimed in saying i should help the girls self esteem and buy cookies. if my uncle wouldnt buy cookies id be crushed, she said.

i argued that the only place in my life where i feel confident is in sales, probably because when i was in cub scouts i went door to door and sold to strangers. not relatives. and i was awesome.

but no one listened. and then my new boss showed me this video of kids totally ruling and i was all fine. bring on the beginning of the end. bring on the part where the future eats you up alive before youre even dead.

as leppard says, bring on the heartbreak.