for Chuck Norris’ birthday someone interviewed Bree!

as you may recall, i worked with Bree way back when.

because of Chuck Norris she has never aged, and if anything, has only blossomed into the delightful flower that we see today.

truth is she was a knockout even when Buzznet was just a start up with a handful of hardworking folk.

i am always happy when the good people of the world are recognized for their passions, creativities, and hard works.

what i like about Bree other than her fashion sense is she goes out to the rock shows, takes pictures, then writes about it.  anyone can do that, true, but so few do.

plus i like that she is into music that i wouldnt normally take seriously. then those bands explode and i think, damn bree was talking about these fools years ago.

i <3 people who can see into the future, its very rare. its rare for people to even know whats going on today, nevermind tomorrow.

read her interview here on Buzznet Media