got a phone call from afrique yesterday

it was the truest with good news and bad news.

funny thing about bad news from her, it’s never really that bad.

even if she says things like, hey imma go to the other side of the freaking globe from december to the end of march,

and i might kiss some of the men of africa,

i take that as a weird challenge and say “send a smoke signal if they can even come close to doing it as good as moi.”

yesterday she called and said ahem i am sending you a smoke signal mr smartypants.

good news and bad news about my memory is i dont have one, so she had to remind me of my dare to which i laughed and laughed

on 2nd street in downtown los angelesand told her i was very happy for her. which i was.

the whole world should know what its like to kiss a semi naughty angel

whose eyes alone will melt your stupid heart.

for some reason she felt guilty and i was all baby you dont owe me squat and far as i know i owe you even less.

agreed she said and told me all about this gent who is currently on a volcano somewhere keeping it real with locals

i just wanted her to experience true freedom and there she was doing it and it was alll awwww

you know whats not nice? when people dont level with me. and she said me too. so i told her some stuff i did that i havent even told you busblog readers of love.

but the funniest thing was, near the end of the convo i was all, hey have you heard about whats going on with charlie sheen?

she said no, and i had a hard time trying to figure out how it all started, or how to explain why its somewhat awesome to watch him do his thing.

and relaying it to someone who just had a downright spiritual journey through absolute nature at its most vibrant made me feel so lame.

and lamer still for our nation, who seems to be just as rapt with it all as i was before i got a wtf from my truest.

so i changed the subject to the sex ed teacher at northwestern who brought a device into the lecture hall that i cannot believe they even sell in button down evanston illinois.

let alone show how it works to 100 college students.

maybe im the one who needs to loosen up a bit.