happy anniversary jeanine

maybe in isla vista

20 years ago while in a dress in the beverly garland hotel  i asked jeanine to be my girlfriend.

and yes she said yes.

so shy so beautiful so talented so  wonderful and still such an important and amazing friend who i love and love and love just as much now as way back then.

then was the california intercollegiate jouralism awards.

i had been fired and later banned from our college paper by our evil editor n chief who i ran against 9 months previously under the platform “i may not be qualified but im not Larry.”

somehow three of the entertainment sections that i edited were up for Best Arts & Entertainment section, a category that UCSB had never won in its history despite winning every other award during the era in which i was lucky enough to participate in.

on the road trip up to sacramento i remember sitting in the back seat of jeanines car. who was in the front seat? the super hip Trevor Top who i despised on that trip because i was certain that he was trying to steal my girl from me.

then when we got to the hotel room i remember sleeping on the floor because The Video Guy, denis faye was sharing a bed with jeanine. or was it todd francis? who knows? it wasnt me!

so we drank and partied and tried on dresses for the awards (a Nexus tradition that the males participated in cuz we were cocky mf’ers) and before we marched into the huge conference room i grabbed jeanine and laid a fat wet kiss on her.

she grabbed my booty and i knew all would be well.

won the award. in fact all of us won all our awards. in dresses. casually. perfectly.

then freshman jason ross who now writes and collects Emmys for the Daily show had a huge bash in his room but before we went in there i threw jeanine on her bed, climbed on top of her looked in her eyes and said can we tell everyone that youre my girlfriend?

she said, am i?

i said, wanna?

two years later we had just as big of a Break Up Party in Isla Vista (pictured above) with four bands and tons of friends everywhere.

and we;ve been these weird loving hippie bffs ever since.