happy birthday Lindsay

she loves animals

Today is Linday’s birthday. She’s 24. Technically she’s my assistant. But usually I do my best to stay out of her way because she’s amazing and too many others get in her way. So I try to block a path for her so she can rule harder.

Lindsay is a vegan because she loves animals. I love animals too, so much so that I eat them. Lindsay doesn’t love them in that way. She loves them as friends.

Rarely have we been able to dine with her, as work chums often do, because there are very few vegan diners around our office. But one pizza place started making vegan pizza starring magical vegan cheese.

So your girl Sarah IMed me and was all whattya gonna do for Lindsays bday. I said you are going to very quietly go over to Pitfire and pick up some vegan pizzas and come up here.

Sarah did just that. When she approached we started singing Happy Birthday. My man Bryan Chan took this picture of all of us singing to the seated Lindsay. And we all ate pizza and said nice things about todays birthday girl who we miss today as she is spending the afternoon at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Happy birthday Lindsay!