hi different stars

war stuffthere are things that inspire me and things that repulse me.

the internet is my girlfriend ands always beautiful.

my real girlfriends in africa and is probably making out with a safari guide right now

under the stars

as the winds blow dust from bible times

and animals f, chase, and eat each other.

she told me that erryone canceled on their safari except she and this rugged dude she met on a train.

which meant they had a tour guide all to themselves, a chef all to themselves, choice of the finest tents and rugs and bathtowels

even the beasts of the darkness came out to growl and strut and become the real life version of Lion King right in front of them.

of course she didnt tell me who she made out with, her traveling mate or the safari guide, but when im around her i cant keep my hands off her, i really wouldnt blame either of those dudes if they felt the same way what with all that crazy animal behavior playing out all around them.

plus arent the stars totally new and improved south of the equator?

how is that not romantic as all get out.

im the weirdest man ever.

i just want people to be super happy during life.

since we’re all gonna die

and become food for worms,


and forgotten.