i bought an xbox today

i dont know what took me so long. theyve been around forever.

the problem is people send me free crap all the time. cds, tickets, books, video games. before you get jeals, most of it is not good.

video game people almost only send me stuff on the xbox platform.

before i got a PS3 id ask for wii and theyd be all, wii? then i got a PS3 and they still send xbox.

so i got an xbox. i got it at target. crazy thing about target, like three people can get caught up on one customer if something weird is happening at the register.

i was so tempted to say “knock knock, whos there, hey how many target employees does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”

but i heard that xboxes are peculiarly injury-prone so i didnt want them to give me a bad one. so i bit my lip.

i notice i do that a lot more nowadays than i did when i was younger.

another reason for the xbox: the playstation isnt very good when it comes to netflix.