i have been so busy slash so bored

at work im so busy. its nuts.

my favorite thing to do in the world other than slow dance with yr mom is blog. duh. and somehow ive got this scam going where they now actually Want me to blog at work. yet im so busy doing the editor part of the job that i only get to blog once or twice a day instead of five or six zillion.

its still hard for me to believe they let me in the door. but they say hi tony and buzz me right through.

then i get home and the energy isnt the same. libras need balance, true. some yin for the yang. but im a weird one yoda. i want to rock harder when i get home. a) i dont wanna think about japan when i get home. i see it all day at work. unedited. b) we’re gonna die. lets dance. c) the weird side affect of eating right and working out is theres this fire in me now i thought was gone from my old ass forever. and its on fire.

unharnessed, this energy is unstable, and some how we are still in the month of pisces. month of anything goes. its why the church had to tie erryone down with lent to chill them all out.

good thing tomorrows st paddys day.