i remember when you could get a few gallons of gas from the change in your ashtray

good thing my car has an ashtray the size of texas.

in other news our political blogger Andy Malcolm is on a two week vacation

so i am covering him on the Top of the Ticket blog at the Los Angeles Times

so you can read my stuff there if you like politics

its always a thrill and an honor writing there because it was one of our first huge blogs, and now its one of the nation’s best for politics (hope i dont eff it up).

also in any spare time i have i continue to blog over at our hot topic blog called Chatter.

so if youve noticed a decline in busblog posts its because of that and because the juiciest stories in my life are being embargoed until i am allowed to divulge them.

lets just say it follows the same old theme: tony is crazy -> stuff happens -> tony feels victimized -> magic happens that is unbelievable -> taxes must be paid