in stone. the Lord wrote it in stone.

targetits really not that hard to be a good Christian. believe and dont be a prick.

most of the rules are pretty easy to follow too, but the one that so many awesome people struggle with is one of the most simple: dont work on Sunday.

some say its Saturday, but most people are all WHENEVER it is just shut it down one day a week.

its very tempting for young people, especially go getters to want to push themselves every day. and if youre lucky enough to have a job you like and youre good at, i can see why youd want to do it all the time.

and if youre getting some decent paychecks coming in, then the temptations to overdo it are even that much crazier.

i used to do commission sales and i loved it. working 6-7 days a week and really long hours is a no brainer especially if you had minimal social life, or in my case, no social life. why not hang out at work and try to land big sales?

but theres a reason workaholics die young and unhappy. theres a reason so many health issues revolve around work and pressure and the body not being able to make it any more: our minds and our souls need rest.

ive learned so much from my moms hobby of horticulture.  plants freak out with too much or too little water. and they also dont like too much or too little sun.

same goes for people and work. work hard and then rest. let your mind have a chance to breathe. let the rest of your brain be stimulated with things that have nothing to do with work.

any job you may have might be cool, but it isnt as cool as God’s. and he totally took a day off after inventing the world.

and when he looked back at the day off, know what he said: so good.

so to lead by example imma take off the rest of the day of blogging, read, and maybe take advantage of some of those smoking hot deals at target.