lobster balls, soul mates, and true love in a world called danger

my truest returns to america in ten days.

yes im counting.

i cant believe shes been on thanksgiving vacation this long. doesnt it seem like forever to you?

yes ive made due in her absence and im pretty sure shes busied herself without moi as well. we’ve never had that problem.

if we have had a problem it’s that we both love so much. like everything. theres some hate mixed in there too, naturally, but like buddah in the whorehouse i can find enlightenment and beauty anywhere. not just in her eyes.

and up her skirt.

down her shirt.

up her leg.

in her heart.

i’ll go walk in the woods and a hawk will circle me and ask why havent you married her.

and i say i dont wanna ruin her life.

a muskrat’ll say she loves you how you gonna ruin anything.

and i’ll say oh dont worry, im creative.

gone almost four months and is there anything i can share with her that’ll make her happy she came back to america and back in my lap?

i had some epiphanies in vegas, thats for sure. but some of those may take a while to convey.

have i heard any great records? no. mavis staples? ok fine.

seen any great films? no.

hits went up on the blogs, but so what. record numbers. so what seriously.

all i have is lobster balls.

after she shows me photos of the live version of the lion king right there in the serengeti and asks me what ive got all imma be able to say is

there was this food truck that sold lobster balls for two bucks.

poor girl.