look ma im famous

when i was at laist the american version of the Economist is called The Week.

thats how it was sold to me, at least.

today i learned from Jeremy Oberstein, former writer of LAist, that The Week named my description of the controversial logo for the London 2012 Olympics the second best interpretation of alllll tiiiimmmmes.

2. The Lisa Simpson interpretation
When the logo was unveiled, many said they could see beloved cartoon character Lisa Simpson engaged in decidedly family-unfriendly behavior. “Was there nobody in the room who snickered when this new logo was revealed today?” wrote Tony Pierce at LAist, back in 2007. Perhaps this is “just some brilliant underground viral marketing for the upcoming Simpsons movie.”

im just happy to be nominated. especially since i was Just showing this to today’s birthday girl just a few days ago.

trippy coincidence, batman.

and call me pervy but i still think it looks more like that than a swastika or a secret way to spell out Zion.