motorhead plays tonight

and i dont think imma go. why? cuz im an old man. old as the hills. ancient as the dust that blows around the bones of the past.

im so old i got on the scale this morning and was shocked that my weight loss was still working well. 156.5 pounds. lowest ive been in weeks.

when i got off the cookie diet i balloned back to the mid 160s and thats what you get for gorging and drinking and you know enjoying the delights of in n out, pizza, and Chimay.

but then i got my act back together and worked out with karisa and ran at the gym and biked at the gym and took it easy on the chocolate and butter and fats.

its not that hard really. although i must say the cookies helped. yes i use them to quelle my appetite. theyre no longer the main part of my diet, but i may say theyre the most important part of my weight loss because instead of having a milky way dark mmmmmmm candy bar i will have a spongey diet cookie and it will take care of the sugar desire and pause my silliness for a good 45 mins or so.

i also take it easy on the fried things, the breads, the salts.

yesterday however the cuban forced me to split a glazed donut with her. it was asking for it so i dont mind so much.

do you know i love you? even though theres less of me my love isnt minimized.

thought youd like to know.