mr mark milian stuck his head in his old stomping grounds

at the los angeles times

and all the ladies said hey.

they were so happy he hadnt changed his bieber hair.

at the la times

if you recall, mr milian first came to us as a college student from the university of terripan station.

he excelled so well at writing, interviewing, and mastering social media we kept him on as he finished school.

then we hired him full time once he got that degree and he rocked mightilly for a year until he was poached from CNN where he now writes about Tech.

hes a good dude (even though hes dead to me) and he works extremely hard and if i was gonna poach someone from the times he would easily be on my short list because hes wise, fast, and in tune to the future.

while he posed with the ladies i emailed our security who let the air out of the tires of his rentacar.

so alls good in the hood.