One of the best kept LA secrets: our tacos

People plan their trips to Los Angeles and they ask me what they should do and see and they see i eat sushi a lot but people can get sushi anywhere.

What they cannot get are tacos like the ones that are so plentiful in this beautiful city.

A while back when I made the move from LAist to the Times i was asked about blogs and blogging. Back then people were buzzing about hyperlocal and this and that and I said that the LA blogosphere is diverse but one thing that stands out are the Taco Blogs.

One of my favorites is is a longrunning blog called LA Taco.

Even now I am sure that people think I’m kidding about the taco culture and the taco blogging and I dont know why they wouldnt trust me. It’s underground, it’s a symbol of the beautiful diversity of this international city, it’s casual, it cuts through every social-economic community, and its a delicious part of our neighborhoods.

LA Taco has created a March Madness style bracket page where people can vote on their favorite tacos. Some of my regular haunts didnt get invited to the big dance, but a few are there.

If you live in LA and want to give a shout out to your favorite establishment, go to LA Taco and vote it up!