still dont really know what to tell the truest about charlie sheen

awwwwother than he is just a spectacular, quotable, trainwreck fixin to happen.

and even though we’re laughing now we will be so sad when it goes down.

how come errrybody was so sad when britney was melting down, but they just laugh when charlie does it?

karisa worked at a mental institution for most of her early development years.

she says that what he says isnt that much different than what she heard mental patients say.

apparently having tiger blood and adonis dna is nothing new to those loose of lip.

regardless if i was mtv id get back in the music video business and let charlie host 6-hour blocks.

let him talk about whatever music videos he wants.

let those goddesses sit on bean bag chairs next to him and they can all tell us about the new green day video or whoever has a new album out.

how come record stations arent making this happen this second?

why is it that i have to have all the answers to save the world?

we want to hear this guy spew from the narrow median between genius and insanity – so why not do it low budget but entertaining as well as informative.

charlie sheen video show.

on mtv.

tonight from 6 to midnite.

why arent i a vp for viacom already?