Thee Mystakes + The Donnas + X = The Stripminers

A very long time ago I was the worst band manager in the world for my favorite group at the time Thee Mystakes.

I would hustle their tape all over San Francisco and try to get them gigs playing anywhere other than our Haight Street victorian.

They were an awesome trio with Greg Vaine on lead guitar, Jeff “Lion of Judah” Solomon on axe, and Paul Stinson ripping it up on drums. It was rock and rockabilly with a tinge of grunge.

Jeff went on to Tsar, Greg now plays for the Hollow Trees as well as with Vaud and the Villians, but Paul fell off my map.

Until TODAY. Witness via a press release:

(Los Angeles – February 7, 2011) – It was in a moment of creative artistry just two years ago that aproducer friend urged Brett Anderson (lead vocals) of The Donnas and Paul Stinson (lead vocals,guitar) of The Radishes to participate in a joint musical project. An instant connection formed betweenthe two and they began writing and recording songs just for the pure enjoyment of it.

Like a moth to flame, a creative light in an otherwise dull music scene will draw artists to it. So it iswith The Stripminers now that industry heavyweights have joined the band: DJ Bonebrake (X) ondrums & vibes, Scrote (Daniel Johnston, Puscifer) electric/acoustic guitars, bass & keys, Holland Greco(Anais Mitchell, The Peak Show) on keys, banjo and electric guitar, Brett Simons (Brian Wilson, FionaApple) on bass.

On her inspiration to write for this new group, Brett Anderson explains, “I’ve alwayshad songs that I wrote just for the sake of writing, without any specific destination in mind. Ever sincePaul and I started working together it’s been great to find a place for those tunes, and write new onestogether. Working with such versatile musicians has inspired us to take more risks, and develop a newsound together.”After a few ‘unofficial’ live shows the band is ready to unleash their soulful tunes to the eager masses.

Stripminers will be performing at three different SXSW showcases this year in Austin, TX:

Wednesday – March 16thVans Off The Wall Showcase @ Emos

Thursday – March 17thBrett Anderson speaks on SXSW panel “Steady Diet of Nothing: The Road to Health”

Friday – March 18thSwing House Rehearsal and D’Addario Strings showcase @ Rusty Spur

I am such a huge Donnas fan its ridiculous. So to hear Paul playing the John Doe to Brett’s Excene WITH DJ Bonebrake on drums? Get outta town!

Which is ironic cuz I knew at some point I’d kick myself for passing on SXSW this year for the first time in a very long time, but now I am reeeeally kicking myself.

Click here to hear two songs from the Stripminers