this is exactly what im talking about

ac/dc classic starring bon scott is finally on dvd

because of the nasty laws of supply and demand ive been eyeing a vhs used copy

of the AC/DC classic, let there be rock

a fantastic concert film of the aussie rockers at their peak with their original singer Bon Scott.

the year was 1979 and Bon would have less than a year to live.

riding high on their newest release Highway to Hell, Bon flirted en francais to the sold out hall as the Young brothers brought the dual guitar attack.

seemingly patterned after the Led Zeppelin concert film The Song Remains the Same, short vignettes break up the concert footage.

A year and a half later AC/DC would be touring on Back in Black in every huge sports arena around the globe, but during this tour the music was sultrier, rougher, and less polished. Angus Young however was on fire.

While seeing if someone was silly enough to sell a VHS copy at a good price, I noticed Warner Bros. is going to rerelease the film

on BLUE RAY this summer.

June 7, 2011: Let There Be Rock