what the hell is going on here

bra panty and over-the-knee socks

yes i know its an ad for american apparel.

but whenever i see one of their billboards or ads i think what happens when i have little daughters and they see that ad and their friends see that ad and they say daddy can we go to american apparel and buy some of those clothes, those girls look so pretty.

what am i supposed to say to those little angels?

i cant say “you dont see mommy dressing like that do you?” cuz mommy better have some of that tucked away. so now im a hypocrite. in front of my sweethearts.

im so doomed.

thats what dov charneys soft core porn ads teach me. that im a sellout, a liar to my unborn spawn, and easily manipulated through display ads.

its a wonder i can even feed myself.