hi month of aries you sneaky little devil

madonna or gaga vote

youd think that when you turn 114 youd stop being naive cuz i was certainly under the belief that if i could make it through pisces, aries would be a piece of cake.

“ha” headbutted the ram and now i find myself upside down and backwards rolling uncontrollably down a hill that seems to have no bottom.

whats interesting though is there are little moments of peace quiet and downright joy sprinkled within the crap cupcake of this month and i wonder if thats the lifesaving portion, the light at the end of the tunnel, the lifejacket of life,

or is it just the little breath of fresh air before the beatings continue.

clearly im exaggerating, but it is an odd little detour down what i thought was the yellowbrickroad

that at times seems more like a highway to

but heres the thing i love about the xbi, as in lovelovelove

at a very young age they prepare you for this.

gaga says she was born that way and maybe she was

but to be able to fly chopper one you might not be the finest fellow on an average day

but through their evilly magical training procedures, youre theeee man on a hellish day

for everything slows down and becomes clearer

the xray vision kicks in and the spidey senses

esp engaged and super strength too

devil sneers f you

tony says love to