theres two ways to live yr life

either you can be completely courageous and transparent in what you do and say

or you can be like me and hide behind nothing in here is true.

anna kournikova called me today while i was at work and i was all omg

she was all Riiiiight?

then i was all !!!!!!!!!!!!!

and she went  :)

which made me super stoked so i was like ;)

and she LOLed

hows enirique i asked.

meh she said.

which im just gonna let sink in for a while

if you dont mind.

hollywood knights

in front of my new carcareful readers have noticed that there has been a noticeable decline in the production in this here web log.

and its true theres been a lot of drama in my little neck of the woods.

sadly i am not at liberty to talk about most of it which is a shame because as you know my life is an open book, and i prefer it that way since theres nothing up my sleeve and i enjoy sharing my tales with all of you.

unfortunately many of the stories id like to tell involve others who arent the exhibitionists that i am.

one thing i can tell you is that through a lot of this i have been surrounded by excellent friends. and its true i try not to take them for granted, but i often do.

two of the good friends that have kept me sane are pictured on the right, one miss ali and senior ben, shown here next to my new car.

on this particular night ben invited me for drinks at my favorite bar, dillions, seen in the upper right hand part of the photo.

while we were eating nachos and drinking $3 pints, young ali mentioned that she was in the neighborhood so she too was encouraged to join us and make it an even threesome.

i dont know what id do without my friends. and because i like to separate my amigos ben and ali had never met. they hit it off perfectly, naturally, and later when my truest suggested that i stop subconsciously keeping one group over here and another over there, i thought of that meeting and i said to myself oh yeah, why do i do that?

all i know is most of the drama is over. but unfortunately i feel a tad under the weather, as if maybe im coming down with what my houseguest had. and what my truest had. i hope im just sleepy. i hope im just exhausted. i hope i can make it through tomorrow, which is the PeopleSupport reunion. and then saturday which is italian food with ali. and then sunday which is the day of rest.

wish me luck-o, friend-o.