this is not a love song

ali and i ate at my favorite sushi place last night,
but on the way there we were accosted by all these bicyclists
some of them were children.
but it was a huge pack, like 130 bikists.
they were doing dumb things like running red lights,
stopping traffic, nearly getting hit like every second

we had an incredible dinner and then drove downtown to this art show.

art show also had a dj in a different room. and one out side. but it was cold.

so we went to Villians which is extremely cool. met these Danish dudes. they were funny.

ali was all, hey in Danishland do they have parties where you park somewhere and wait for a van
and then the van takes you to the secret location

where you get in for 20 bucks but only if you RSVPed earlier in the week via email
and theres a magic heated pool, in ground,
six dollar mixed drinks and beers
couches, jewlery for sale, random weird stuff

and fire people doing weird fire stuff.
then theres also this room for dancing
with platforms and techo music
and people dressed in all types of ways
and people kissing each other
and before you know it youve been dancing there
from two am to four am

and one of the boys said nope.
but i think theres something like that in iceland