im taking a personal day on good friday

half price food and drink

actually its a floating holiday.

we have this new computerized system where you tell the computer what days you need off for a vacation,

or cuz you were sick, or cuz you want a personal day, or a floating holiday.

good friday isnt a company holiday so i had to take a floating holiday.

because i worked in HR for a couple of years during the dot com days, i know that floating holidays are precisely for these reasons

most companies cant afford to give all of their employees every religious holiday,

so some days are set aside so people can use them how they want.

good friday is the day that Jesus died.

my favorite part in the bible about good friday is when Jesus, on the cross, yells out

“Eli, Eli lama sabachthani?”

My God, my God, why hath thou forsaken me?

its my favorite because it’s a fascinating detail.

here God came down to earth to be humanlike, and there he is on the cross paying for our sins

and its almost like he’s looking at his watch asking um this is going on waaaaaay longer than we discussed.

but since he’s God, who is he saying that to?

is this a grand version of self-doubt or an interesting wrinkle in the uniquely Christian relationship between heavenly God and his son?

whatever it is, it’s the type of quirk you don’t read in books.

characters are typically flat and what comes out of their mouths are rarely surprising.

God asking God wtf is surprising to me.

and exactly what i will be thinking about today

as i drive into the desert to think about Jesus.