someone complained that there is rarely photographic evidence of me

in las vegasin any of my adventures around this beautiful land.

and while nothing in this is true, and you should question any photo you see on the internet, most of the time you dont see me because im the one taking the pictures.

also i love taking the pictures.

also im sure my audience would rather see the cool people i get to party with instead of me.

with that said, heres one of the few pictures from last weekend’s vegas shenanigans where i made an appearance on film

on the left there is michelle, a bartender and undercover cop from massachussetts.

under her is karisas sister in law za za.

then you have your hero.

on top of moi is karisas little sister.

then theres karisa recovering from sunstroke or maybe just regular stroke.

and next to her is her personal handler, mary.

we are poolside of the hard rock, good call, bree.

on the table are various drinks. but i want you to look at the plastic cups with the straws coming out of them.

the far right one is my screwdriver. keyword is screw. why?

check it, that drink cost $28 before tip. and i gotta say, onlya bout 1/8 of it was booze. so like 4-5 shots. tops. probably closer to four.

im not complaining too much, i mean you should know when youre trying to pull off the rock star high roller moves like renting a cabana at the hottest pool in all of vegas over a holiday weekend youre gonna have to pay.

and in the long run they give you so many free drinks when youre gambling that it all evens out.

and trust me, none of us had a hard time chasing the buzz.

im just saying buyer beware. before you order a poolside drink, you might wanna figure out your options if youre working on a budget, like many of us are.

ok theres your life lesson for the day and your precious pic of yr favorite blogger getting his drink on

now take on the day