left my computer charger at work

at the lakers game

so i’ll make this quick.

buddy chris called me and said wanna go to the laker game

playoffs, great seats, etc.

i was all of course.

game was great, hanging with chris is always nice, good beer, even sushi there.

but the best part to me was this dude on the blue line

who dressed up two chucky dolls in lil lakers jerseys

and wore a crazy wig.

i thought, at least im not carrying dolls.

oprah, obama, obama, oprah

at the la times

im not sure how much ive told you about the renovations that have been going on at the Times this spring,

but they have been fixing up our 3rd floor newsroom, so we have had to relocate to other parts of the building.

because andrew malcolm, the top of the ticket blogger, is so beloved he was assigned a sweet little office

with this spectacular view of the abandoned city hall parking lot, which is now frequented

by feral cats, stoned skateboarders, sleeping homeless chaps,

and construction workers who are turning the empty space into a nice downtown park.

but because andy shows up at the building about 10 times a year,

and because the new desk i was assigned isnt really ergonomic, andy is allowing me to crash in his pod.

other than the view, i like it for a few reasons, namely it allows me to focus on blogging for the Ticket, our political blog.

needless to say yesterday’s news of President Obamas birth certificate kept me pretty busy

and it was nice to be able to focus on that in a closed office with a pretty view

of dudes doing crack cocaine in the sunshine.

i <3 my life.