can it really be almost 5pm and no posts on the busblawwwwg?

in hollywood

do you think ive abandoned you old chum?

are you afeered i love another?

i do love another. i love 40 others. and i am writing as much as i can on one.

but that doesnt mean i dont love you. in fact busblog i love you more than all of the others combined.

that is possible you know.

my heart is a flower as king missile says

and each petal is a he loves you. aint no he loves me nots.

im hearing the kids skateboard over at the old park. im hearing all the city workers leave city hall early.

im hearing all the busses scoot by and the honkers beep hi.

this weekend theres a ucsb reunion, a creative studies reunion, and a daily nexus reunion in santa barbara.

danielle comes to town sunday for a photo shoot.

truest returns from her two week long camping excursion.

and tonight karisa wants to take me to a new thai place shes fallen for.

vegas wore me out. im olde. i need rest during my weekends. so i asked for a few days off next week.

i hate getting old. theres so much i hate. im bored of so much, im def bored of all the music ive been rockin to.

i get home and take a shower. before i go to bed i take a shower. seems like the only thing im not bored of is

blogging, showering, eating, and pooping. if i could poop four times a day id be happy.

know why? cuz thats when i get my best reading done.