1. Saturday, April 16, 2011

    are you a good caddy or a bad one? 

    a lot of people laughed at
    or empathized with Kevin Na
    as he hacked and muffed his way
    to 16 strokes on that par four yesterday

    but in life some times we’re the caddy and Kevin Na’s caddy let him down
    he was right on the first bad shot “lets go back to the tee”
    he was right about moving the bag
    but when things got increasingly difficult, the caddy shut down.

    good caddys need to realize when to shift the support from the hands to the mind.

    say things like, bro, lets literally step out of the rough for a second
    lets seriously think about this for a brief minute
    lets plan something solid, instead of being emotional and reckless

    as if every swing doesnt really matter.

    thing is it doesnt matter in amateur golf,
    but in the pros the enlightened caddy should know
    sometimes talent can get flustered.

    and when that happens, the cooler mind,
    should speak in such a way
    to be clearly understood

    who has the cooler mind?
    the one who knows the score.