1. Sunday, April 3, 2011

    being a cub fan means never having to say we won it all 

    met a cub fan the other night and he said

    “between you and me i hope they never win, i hate the yuppies who fill the bleachers,

    “i hate that they have luxury seats across the street, i hate that they hollowed out space under the bleachers for private parties

    “i hate that tickets cost so much, i hate that everyone is suddenly so obsessed with winning.

    “and i hate that theyre not winning.

    “when i was young i never cared if they won.”

    i said yeah what was so fun was betting your buddy a quarter to see which infielder would scratch himself first

    and bro reached into a fridge, opened a beer, handed it to me

    and said to his wife, “honey that is a real chicagoian”

    and we clinked bottles.

    but between you and i, i guess ive lived in LA too long.

    cuz i want them to win.