1. Thursday, April 21, 2011

    for the next little while i will also be blogging politicy stuff at the Times 


    for the great blog Top of the Ticket.

    its an honor even to add a picture in that thing, let alone write on it.

    this week Andrew Malcolm, the fine writer, formerly from the New York Times, is on vacation, so errrything over there, pretty much has been me.

    Here are some of my most recent posts:

    Donald Trump, Jerry Seinfeld upset over Obama birth certificate yada yada

    Charles Manson thinks Barack Obama is ‘a slave of Wall Street’

    Obama gets Zuckerberg to wear a tie at Facebook town hall; president doesn’t ‘like’ GOP budget proposal

    Steve Wynn politely calls Obama a liar; Neil Cavuto laughs and says the billionaire makes a lot of sense

    Donald Trump leads would-be GOP presidential candidates in visibility, by a lot

    Join me at latimes.com/ticket if you are bored with what little stuff you might see here. I promise I will try to make it fun.