i get bored so easily america it’s insane

on fridayhow was your weekend? mine was peachy.

started off great with a sushi dinner with two of my closest amigas, one karisa j and one ali m.

we dined on a variety of interesting platters of seafood and vegetables from my favorite sushi place in the world, kanpai in westchester.

i wasnt at the top of my game for a plethora of reasons and both of the ladies were beaten down from the hectic week so we said to the waiter, surprise us, fascinate us, weird us the heck out.

so they brought dish after dish of things more exotic than the next. and we drank. all but me. i drank a little but not enough that i couldnt drive the precious cargo home.

then at karisas pad i poured shots for the ladies. they were bored they said, so a drinking game was played. but i was bored too. im getting more an more bored as this year progresses that i find myself doing weird things, like saying things i know wont end well. like doing things i know will cause controversy. or by not doing things that i know will please others.

i dont know when this spate of recklessness began but its in me and it likes it here. i dont ever wanna go out as someone boring. thats the worst thing i could ever be. but i also dont wanna be know as being a dummy. but sometimes you just have to ignore what the critics will say, and just lead with your heart.

after sushi ali and i shared a donut.