LA Times wins two Pulitzer Prizes

over Pulitzer Prizes

Says one new Pulitzer winner, Ruben Vives, who was answering the phones part time at the paper just three years ago:

“In a time when people say newspapers are dying This is a day we can say ‘no, not really.'”

Vives was one of the team who exposed the financial scandal in the city of Bell where public officials secretly lined their pockets with extravagant salaries and benefits to the detriment of one of the poorest cities in California.

Our editor Russ Stanton just wrote:

The Bell story is teamwork at its finest. Led by Jeff and Ruben, the Metro staff dived headlong into the story that expanded more quickly and broadly than anyone could have imagined. In addition to Jeff and Ruben, reporters who contributed to this outstanding — and ongoing — effort include Sam Allen, Hector Becerra, Andrew Blankstein, Kim Christensen, Paloma Esquivel, Jessica Garrison, Christopher Goffard, Scott Gold, Evan Halper, Corina Knoll, Jack Leonard, Marc Lifsher, Robert Lopez, Patrick McGreevy, Kim Murphy, Paul Pringle, Sam Quinones, Kay Saillant, Abby Sewell and Richard Winton. Columnists Steve Lopez, Michael Hiltzik, George Skelton, Jim Rainey and Hector Tobar brought added perspective and opinion. Handling the bulk of the editing duties were Shelby Grad, Steve Marble, Kimi Yoshino and Linda Rogers.

the answer is two

Canadian Barbara Davidson won a Pulitzer for feature photography told the packed LA Times newsroom that she felt like singing “Oh Canada”.

Also from Mr. Stanton:

Barbara won in the feature photography category for “Victims of Gang Violence,” her stunning series of images charting the terrible odyssey of the innocent victims caught in the crossfire. The series ran in the paper over three days last December and as an impressive online photo gallery and video presentation.

Deputy Photo Editor Mary Cooney oversaw the project, with assists from Jeremiah Bogert for print and Alan Hagman for digital. Myung J. Chun and Carlo Rinaldi helped with videography; Albert Lee, Bryan Chan, Marc Martin and Tim French, web production; Jeff Amlotte, post-production; Sean Connelley, flash technology; Stephanie Ferrell, web design; Armand Emamdjomeh, web production;  Brad Hanson, Jessica Parks, Christine De La Cruz, Mark McGonigle, copy editing. Kurt Streeter and Scott Gold provided the narrative.

There is currently much rejoicing