omg ali is in a famous commercial

hung out with some sweet metromix people last night.

super talented fun people.

one of whom just came out with a new comic book.

the other of whom is about to travel around the country for a few months and live with the windows down and her hair blowing in the wind.

we first met at meltdown comics for debs book  signing.

then we went across town to East Hollywood and was rudely treated by a bouncer who wouldnt let people come into the bar with baseball caps or sneakers.

in East Hollywood.

land of keeping it real.

i was all, you trying to front like this is a fancy place?

we are 50 feet away from Jumbos Clown Room where a young Courtney Love first stripped. the fanciest place anywhere near here is The House of Pies, you gotta  be kidding.

they werent kidding.

aka last time i ever go there.

but then ali was all hey check me out on this commercial and everyone said yay!